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What can I expect
        when I visit a massage therapist?
On your first visit you will be given a patient history form to complete.  This will make the massage therapist aware of any medical problems you may have so that the massage treatment will not contradict previous problems or treatment. you think you are ready to take your aches, pains and stress to a massage therapist.......
What can you expect to happen?
The therapist may ask you about any presenting problems
You will discuss with the therapist your own goals for your treatment.  Any techniques and treatments to be performed by the therapist will be explained.  The therapist may do some testing of muscles and joints at some point during your visit.
All information given on the medical history form or discussed with the therapist is strictly confidential.
The massage therapist will leave the room to allow you to disrobe.  You will lay down on the massage table and cover yourself with the sheets provided.
When the therpaist comes back into the room, the massage will begin.  Only the area being wormed on at the time will be exposed.  Your privacy and dignity are of the utmost importance.
After the treatment the therapist will discuss any follow-up "homework" or future treatments necessary.
The therapist will leave the room and you will dress and leave with a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
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Alison Kelly - RMT